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{Cutest Couple Contest!}


Are you and your signification other a Cute Couple?  Do you know of a Cute Couple who deserve a chance to win a FREE Photo Session?  Please submit a non-professional image of the couple, along with a brief statement of how they met or why they deserve to win to by January 31, 2012!  Then, keep your eye on the Facebook Page of Kate Lall Photography on February 1st, when the voting begins!  Please read the flyer below for all rules and guidelines and check back here often to preview the contest entries.

****PLEASE NOTE: Due to some recent changes of Facebook policy, all voting will be taking place here on my Blog instead of Facebook. Thanks!******



Here is a sneak peek of the Contest Entries!

Laura + Tim
“This is my boyfriend Tim and I, we have been together for almost 4 years. We met through mutual friends and talked about 7 months before actually becoming boyfriend and girlfriend. Tim is my best friend and I don’t know what i would do without him.



Anna + Brian
“We met in the summer of 2009 while we were in high school. People always sterotype young relationships not to last but we are 2 and a half years strong and more in love than ever. We are currently in a long distance relationship, Brian goes to college in Greensboro, NC and I go to Anne Arundel Community College. It’s not an easy thing too do but we know it will all be worth it in the end.I would love to have professional photos done so when he isn’t here I can look at those and smile.”


Mary + Brian
“We met on Myspace in 2005, but I had a boyfriend so nothing became of us right away. We developed a friendship; during our friendship we discovered there was something special. After a few months of people asking how long we’ve been together, we became an official couple on December 31,2006; we have been together ever since and I cannot imagine my life without him.”


Sarah + Jeff
“We met in highschool in 1986. I was a freshman and Jeff was a Junior. I started dating his best friend and we all hung out together for the next year or so. Relationships end and people move on but about ten years later we ran into each other at a party. We spent most of the night catching up. We started hanging out as friends for months and then one thing led to another. Married almost 10 years now he is not only the best husband ever but my best friend.”


Amethyst + David
“David and I met in 2008 on my senior week vacation in Ocean City. It was by chance that we were staying with mutual friends. We had never met before, but it was absolutely love at first sight. We have been together ever since! We understand each other in ways no one else could! He is the peanut butter to my jelly! ❤ This shoot would provide us with beautiful memories to recount with each other and our families. They would be far more than pictures to us, but frozen moments in time we could look back on for the rest of our lives!”


Samantha + Mike
“This is a picture of my boyfriend Michael and I. We met when we were in elementary school but time and life changes took us in seperate directions. In February of 2010 we got back in contact with eachother via facebook and by May of the same year, we were officially together. Now, almost two years later, we are busy busy busy with all that life has to offer a young couple. We enjoy spending time with each other as well as our families and friends. We love doing new things together and sharing our favorite things with one another. Honestly, Michael is my best friend and I am glad to have him as a part of my life. I look forward to the future and all the wonderful things I will get to share with my best friend.”


Jeannie + Ariel
“My friend & I opened up a Nail Salon across from a Firehouse back in 2001. A very persistent Firefighter would jog across the street asking me for a date over & over again…my reply was always “We’ll see” One day, while removing my clients polish, acetone splashed into my eye, my coworkers ran across The street for help, & here he comes again! He fixed me all up & said “Now, can I take you to dinner?” and we have been together ever since. (& inside his wedding band “we’ll see is engraved)”


Stephanie + Josh
“Josh and I first met in highschool over 13 years ago. Josh was the more popular out of my reach kinda guy and I was the average dancer/drama nerd (according to him). We never really hung out, but if we happened to cross paths we would say hi and chat a little. About 9 years out of highschool (back in 08) we randomly happened to run into each other at a local bar. I never thought of him as someone I would be interested in during highschool but when I saw him that night I felt different. Both of our groups of friends ended up hanging out that entire summer and we were very flirty with each other. We had both recently gotten out of relationships and weren’t interested in dating. However we did end up kind of talking for about 6 months…nothing to serious. During that time we both fell for each other. He finally asked me out on our first official date and we have been together ever since. 3 and a half years later here we are. He is not only my best friend but the love of my life.”


Amy + Kyle
“This is our first Christmas this past year as a married couple and in our very own home. We have been together 8 years now. We have been through some very hard times for a couple in their early twenties. The toughest of which was recently when he lost his father and very shortly thereafter my grandmother. We are high school sweethearts, only we went to different high schools. I love him beyond belief and don’t know where I would be today without him.”


Lynn + Bryan
“Bryan and I met through work in 2008 and first became friends. After hanging out with mutual friends quite a bit, we found pleasure in each other’s company. We have been inseparable since! 3 years later we are newly engaged (July 2011)!!”


Mary + Steve
“Steve and I have know each other my whole life…..that’s right, he remembers when I was born! Steve grew up and went to school with my brothers and cousins and I’ve always known him as their friend. I would see him every once in a while but nothing more than a friendly hello was ever shared between us. A few years ago my Cousin got married, we were both there and that’s when things changed. We talked for hours that evening. We eventually took a chance to see where things were headed and that was over 3 years ago. He is the most loving, kind and compassionate man I know. He supports me in everything, is my best friend and was my rock when I lost my mother and father. It’s hard to imagine my life with out him now and he’s been in it this whole time!”



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Brittnie + Greg {Newlyweds}

I met Brittnie and Greg at a gorgeous park near Towson for a Couple Session. This adorable duo have been married for about a year and a half and were excited to get some portraits done to capture their lives at this moment, just the two of them. How sweet are they? Thank you Brittnie and Greg for a lovely session and I look forward to providing you with more captured frames in the future!

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